Any extra days of care provided at the Les Tous Petits Playgroup will be charged according to the Les Tous Petits pricing options.

Please Note!

Les Tous Petits Playgroup and Daycare is an innovative scheme, registered with the CSSIW, providing learning, playing and socialising in a safe and exciting environment for children aged 3 years and over. We aim to provide the essential link between morning and afternoon care by offering lunchtime supervision and transportation, thus keeping the cost of full day care to a minimum.

The wide range of activities we provide:

  1. Bullet Ball pond and soft play

  2. Bullet Activity tables

  3. Bullet Home corner

  4. Bullet Writing table

  5. Bullet Arts and crafts corner

  6. Bullet Construction area

  7. Bullet Dressing up

  8. Bullet Quiet reading and resting area

  9. Bullet TV/DVD

  10. Bullet Outdoor water and sand area

  11. Bullet Outside activities including bikes, cars, prams, playhouse and picnic area